Learning to choose yourself

There are a lot of things I’m thankful for this year. This weekend, I spent Thanksgiving with my family for the first time since 2011. It was comforting to be surrounded by my loved ones who’d nurtured and watched me grow, and it was especially lovely to have my grandmother add her warmth to the […]

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Making education better in BC

“Be it resolved that BCSTA request the provincial government to amend the School Act to enable Boards of Education to include student trustees.” What an incredible day. Spread out across Canada yet simultaneously glued to our screens, Team SVI was frantic. While scrolling through our Twitter feeds as if our lives depended on it, we couldn’t believe […]

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I went vegan for a month

This past month, I decided to eat strictly vegan. It was a month full of consulting Dr Google whether “is (insert food here) vegan”. Yeah, I had my days when I really wanted that cheese omelette or spicy salmon roll. It’s been 25 days though, and I’ve made it this far! Where did my inspiration […]

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